Majorelle - Print
Majorelle - Print

Majorelle - Print

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"Majorelle," named for the bright, Moroccan blue, popularized in the 1920s by the artist, Jacques Majorelle.

18x24" Signed, limited edition print. 

Paper is 18x24 inches, which is a standard frame size. The artwork is 16x22 inches.

Printed locally using archival inks and heavyweight, matte paper. 

Consciously Sourced

I do my very best to source supplies locally and to create only what is essential, producing less waste. Jenn creates pieces intentionally, on a per-order basis, rather than in bulk.

Original Artwork

All artwork is original & done by hand, from start to finish. From choosing subjects, to sanding panels, to applying the varnish, all work is done in studio.

Minimizing Footprint

While I must take certain measures to protect artwork during shipment, I ship with sustainable materials, with as much repurposed and recyclable materials as possible.

Always Hand-Crafted

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