the artist

Jenn Griffith is a contemporary painter, based in Charleston, SC. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Furman University, and continued Arts certificates from Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York.

With pieces of work oscillating between subjects- hyper-realism of water or strict lines of a horizon- Jenn's pieces are bold and enchanting, attracting collectors across the United States.

Jenn aims to draw attention to water through her paintings and, in turn, attract conservation of our waterways. She selectively works with brands who align with this mission and have a shared sense of preservation.


I do my very best to source supplies locally and to create only what is essential, producing less waste. Jenn creates pieces intentionally, on a per-order basis, rather than in bulk.


All artwork is original & done by hand, from start to finish. From choosing subjects, to sanding panels, to applying the varnish, all work is done in studio.


While I must take certain measures to protect artwork during shipment, I ship with sustainable materials, with as much repurposed and recyclable materials as possible.

in press
Making Waves

From canvas paintings to repurposed surfboards, Jenn's take of the theme of 'water' runs deep, as highlighted in a recent article by Charleston Magazine: